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EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus Package 2

Pupil books, resources and planning for Years 7-9. Books 160-224 pages


Total price for package; extra copies of pupil books at discounted rate of £6.90 & additional boxes of Curriculum Cards at £60.
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What does EMC Curriculum Plus Package 2 include?

  • 100 copies of Literary Shorts Anthology*
  • 100 copies of Non-fiction Shorts*
  • 100 copies of Diverse Shorts*
  • 100 copies of KS3 Poetry Plus
  • 100 copies of KS3 Language Laboratory
  • 3 copies of Literary Shorts Teacher Resource
  • EMC Curriculum Plus Card Collection – 6 boxes**
  • USB with curriculum map, EMC curriculum processes, medium term planning and overview of lesson units.

Need more texts?

* Buying the package entitles you to buy additional copies of all these texts at £6.90. (The discounted price normally restricted to orders of over 200 copies.)

** Further boxes of the EMC CurriculumPlus Card Collection can be bought for £60.

Click on the tab 'Need additional texts' above. You can then add additional copies of the five pupil books and boxes of CurriculumPlus Cards, at the reduced price. 

Alternatively, you may prefer to buy EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus Package 3:

  • EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus Package 3 includes 200 copies of each of the five pupil texts, 6 copies of the Literary Shorts Teacher resource, 12 boxes of the EMC CurriculumPlus Cards. The cost for this package is £4950.

Need fewer texts?

  • EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus Package 1 includes 30 copies of each of the five pupil texts, 1 copy of the Literary Shorts Teacher resource, 2 boxes of the EMC CurriculumPlus Cards . The cost for this package is £1,390.


Additional material:

Overview of EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus.

Resource type: Bundle of print publications, card collections and planning resources

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You can buy the following items separately at a discounted price.

KS3 Language Laboratory (Print)

Cover image for KS3 Language Laboratory (Print)

A pupil book with nine units of work for Years 7-9 organised around three key areas of the language curriculum: Literature and Language; Standard English; Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation. Each unit develops knowledge about language and how it works, encouraging exploration, reflection and metacognition. This is a much-needed intervention in the KS3 curriculum, ensuring a prominent place for rigorous language study that challenges pupils to be active, critical and creative in their own reading and writing.

Key Aspects

  • Develops pupils’ understanding of how language works.
  • Adds critical and creative depth to the language knowledge students bring from KS2.
  • Adds substance to the light-touch language requirements of the KS3 National Curriculum.
  • Draws on real-life examples of language in use in literature and the wider world.
  • Encourages understanding of the choices available in all language use.
  • Close language study develops broader skills of reading and writing.
  • Includes video interviews with well-known writers from fiction and journalism.

Section 1: Literature and Language

  • Writers’ Choices
  • The Power of Voice
  • Text Transformations

Section 2: Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

  • Evolving Language
  • Newsdesk!
  • The Language Laboratory

Section 3: Standard English

  • Standard!
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Skool Rools!

KS3 Language Laboratory is part of EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Usual price: £20.00

Each additional copy £6.90 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

KS3 Poetry Plus (Print)

Cover image for KS3 Poetry Plus (Print)

Creative, critical and comparative approaches

With an eclectic mix of poems designed to intrigue and engage, this publication offers a rich experience of poetry at KS3 and an excellent foundation for GCSE. Fulfils National Curriculum requirements for pre-1914, seminal world literature and author study.

Key Aspects

  • Encourages students to read with pleasure and confidence. 
  • Lively and memorable activities to promote debate and close reading.
  • Use poems separately or teach a linked collection.
  • Opportunities for both critical and creative writing.
  • Chapters on where poetry comes from and what makes it special.

Poetry Plus Contents

  • Ten Things to Do with a Poetry Anthology
  • What Is a Poem?
  • Say It Out Loud!
  • The Choices Poets Make
  • Lost in Translation
  • Study of a Poet: Robert Frost
  • Poets Speaking Out
  • Poems on the Theme of Love
  • Study of a Poet: Inua Ellams
  • KS3 Poetry Plus Anthology

Poetry Plus for KS3 is also part of EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Usual price: £20.00

Each additional copy £6.90 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

Diverse Shorts (Print) with ‘EMC-Free’ Critical Literacy Cards

Cover image for Diverse Shorts (Print) with ‘EMC-Free’ Critical Literacy Cards

This publication fills a much-needed gap in the educational experience of today’s secondary pupils, with its focus on a richly diverse range of texts to promote critical thinking. From Andrea Levy to David Almond, from Angie Thomas to George Orwell, and from Alex Wheatle to ZZ Packer, pupils are offered challenging material by renowned authors writing about issues important to the world today. Accompanying material, both within the book and available online, encourages pupils to explore the texts from a range of critical standpoints. Perfect for English lessons, Citizenship, PSHE and tutor time.

Free download version of EMC's Critical Literacy Cards at the bottom of this page. 

Key Aspects

  • Literature to challenge, entertain and inspire
  • Develops vital critical reading skills
  • Engages young people with real world values
  • Activities to use with each short story or extract
  • Read singly or in thematically linked clusters
  • Includes nine specifically developed critical literacy cards:‘identity’, ‘freedom’, ‘tolerance, rights & respect’, ‘justice’, ‘diversity & community’, ‘democracy’, ‘equality & responsibility’, ‘change & action’, ‘power & control’.

Stories and novel extracts for 11-16-year-olds:

  • David Almond
  • Sita Brahmachari
  • Anne Cassidy
  • Ted Chiang
  • Helen Dunmore
  • Hans Fallada
  • Elizabeth Laird
  • Patrice Lawrence
  • Andrea Levy
  • George Orwell
  • ZZ Packer
  • Bali Rai
  • Gillian Slovo
  • Angie Thomas
  • Alex Wheatle
  • Benjamin Zephaniah

Diverse Shorts is included in EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Usual price: £20.00

Each additional copy £6.90 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

EMC Curriculum Plus Card Collection

Cover image for EMC Curriculum Plus Card Collection

The EMC CurriculumPlus Card Collection box includes eight decks of three different sets of cards – enough for pupils to work in groups of three or four.

Providing wide-ranging prompts to support discussion, analysis and writing about texts, these cards introduce pupils to some key ideas about the ways texts work – and the role they play in society.

  • Analysing Texts (prose fiction, drama, literary non-fiction)
  • Analysing Poetry
  • Critical Literacy.

EMC CurriculumPlus Card Collection box is included in EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus.

Usual price: £70.00

Each additional copy £60.00 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

Non-fiction Shorts for KS3 (Print)

Cover image for Non-fiction Shorts for KS3 (Print)

A pupil book with a diverse range of non-fiction texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with activities designed to help pupils to develop the skills they will need for GCSE. From a look at what the latest research tells us about the sleeping teenage brain to hilarious advertisements for 19th-century quack cures, the texts have been carefully selected to appeal to this age group and to suit a range of abilities.

Key Aspects

  • Build pupils’ skills and stamina with a huge range of texts to amuse, inspire and provoke discussion.
  • Activities on 19th-century texts are designed to build pupils’ knowledge and understanding of historical context.
  • Use texts singly, or teach a collection of thematically linked extracts with comparison work.
  • Activities include big picture and close reading activities, and encourage both personal and critical responses. 
  • Opportunities for a range of group, pair and individual work, as well as critical and creative writing.

Non-fiction Shorts is included in EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Usual price: £20.00

Each additional copy £6.90 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

Literary Shorts Anthology (Print)

Cover image for Literary Shorts Anthology (Print)

Finalist ERA 2015

Literary Shorts: Pupil Anthology is a 160-page paperback, with 21 stories covering English literary heritage, seminal world literature and contemporary writers. Accompanies Literary Shorts: Creative, Critical and Comparative Approaches Teachers' Resource.

  • Stories to challenge, entertain and inspire.
  • Covers several areas of the new KS3 National Curriculum: seminal world literature, pre-1914 and contemporary English literature.
  • Something for everyone, from Rudyard Kipling to Isabel Allende, Katherine Mansfield to John Updike, Roald Dahl to Alice Walker.

Stories in the Pupil Anthology:

Guy de Maupassant, Rudyard Kipling, Rabindranath Tagore, Saki, Katharine Mansfield, Thomas Hardy, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Yasar Kemal, Alice Walker, William Trevor, Jean Rhys, Roald Dahl, Isabel Allende, John Updike, Joe R. Lansdale, Geraldine McCaughrean, Jamila Gavin, Meg Rosoff, Barbara Bleiman, Kate DiCamillo.

Literary Shorts Anthology is included in EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Usual price: £20.00

Each additional copy £6.90 when bought with EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

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