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EMC Language Laboratory – Taster! (Download) [EMC-Free]

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This taster unit 'Evolving Language' from the section on Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation in KS3 Language Laboratory takes an investigative approach to finding out about language change. In completing the unit, pupils will learn about and reflect on the nature of language itself, the development of paragraphing, the purpose of punctuation, the use of different word classes and the part played by experimentation in creating meaning.

EMC KS3 Language Laboratory is a pupil book with nine units of work for Years 7-9 organised around three key areas of the language curriculum: Literature and Language; Standard English; Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation. Each unit develops knowledge about language and how it works, encouraging exploration, reflection and metacognition. This is a much-needed intervention in the KS3 curriculum, ensuring a prominent place for rigorous language study that challenges pupils to be active, critical and creative in their own reading and writing.

Key Aspects of KS3 Language Laboratory

  • Develops pupils’ understanding of how language works.
  • Adds critical and creative depth to the language knowledge students bring from KS2.
  • Adds substance to the light-touch language requirements of the KS3 National Curriculum.
  • Draws on real-life examples of language in use in literature and the wider world.
  • Encourages understanding of the choices available in all language use.
  • Close language study develops broader skills of reading and writing.
  • Includes video interviews with well-known writers from fiction and journalism.

Sample Video


By Kathy Franklin on 27th Nov 2018

Thank you- sounds great! I will share it with my HODs Eng.

By lynne Davies on 28th Nov 2018

Looks good - I would like to try including it in our KS3 curriculum…

By Margret Smith on 30th Nov 2018

Thanks, guys!

By Sam Tapp on 05th Dec 2018

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