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Shortlisted for ERA 2008

A 148-page PDF compendium of strategies to engage and challenge students from 11 to 18, drawing on over 30 years of the English and Media Centre’s work with teachers – all sorts of ideas for good, fun, do-able classroom activities.

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'I have a book called English Allsorts, published by the English & Media centre, and available on their website. it's got starters and ideas for lessons and it's blimmin' brilliant. I can't reccomend it enough!'

TES Forum

'When you do start the course, get yourself a book called English Allsorts from the English and Media Centre (you can order online). It's a fantastic book, full of ideas for all types of lessons and as it isn't related to any exam board it's easily transferrable. It is also broken down into sections like poetry, short stories, drama etc and then even more sections like starters, pre-reading, no preparation etc. No, I'm not employed by them to say this, but ordered a copy of this after Christmas as our course leader reviewed it and recommended it to us, and I know there are a LOT of us on the course who find it invaluable - it's great!!' 

TES Message Board

'Whether you are stuck for an idea or want to think about how you can make your English classroom a more varied and stimulating place, Allsorts is for you. This book is brimming with good things and eminently practical.' 

Andrew Green, Brunel University

'As a large comprehensive dedicated to the mixed ability classroom we have found the activities perfectly suited to our needs. Many of the Speaking and Listening activities that we have so far attempted have catered for the whole spectrum of ability within the classroom and in some cases empowered those traditionally considered less able. Our Newly Qualified Teachers have valued the breadth of the activities and the universal nature of their application whilst our more senior colleagues have enjoyed seeing a number of our texts through fresh eyes.' 

Aimee Lyall, English AST, Harrow

'The Centre’s latest gem – English Allsorts – distils years of wisdom into an essential guide to 100 lessons which you know will not only work, but which enshrine good practice, a rare combination.' 

Martin Phillips, Freelance Secondary English Consultant

'The English and Media Centre have recently published English Allsorts which is very similiar to The Full English but is far easier to use. The Full English has some great content but lacks an index. This becomes frustrating when you want to find an activity for poetry or essay and non-fiction writing - you're left having to scan through the whole book.'All Sorts' sorts (no pun intended) its activities by topic area and also contains an alternative index which groups activities under titles like 'Requires Little Preparation Or Few Resources' and 'Develops Thinking Skills'. I think that it's one of the best resources they've produced.

I would agree with the comment about English Allsorts, it's fantastic and well worth the money!'

TES Forum, May 2008

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