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English Allsorts with CD (Print)

160 pages


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A compendium of strategies to engage and challenge students from 11 to 18, drawing on over 30 years of the English and Media Centre’s work with teachers – all sorts of ideas for good, fun, do-able classroom activities. Allsorts covers all aspects of the English and Media curriculum, from approaches to any text, through essay and non-fiction writing, to strategies for encouraging private reading and developing media literacy.

The CD – Allsorts and Extras

The CD includes grids, worksheets, classroom materials, further suggestions and examples to give you a flavour of how the Allsorts strategies work in practice when applied to specific texts and topics. In addition, ‘EMC Extras’ on the CD includes samples from EMC’s publication backlist plus the complete Key Stage 3 Units – 20 diverse and appealing units of work for 11-14 year-olds.

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'It’s blimmin’ brilliant. I can’t recommend it enough!'

TES Forum

'A fantastic book, full of ideas for all types of lessons.. It’s great!!'

TES Message Board

'The Centre’s gem – English Allsorts – distils years of wisdom into an essential guide to 100 lessons which you know will not only work, but which enshrine good practice, a rare combination.'

Martin Phillips, Freelance Secondary English Consultant

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