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Exploring Atonement – EMC Approaches (Download)

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Exploring Atonement – EMC Approaches offers A Level students a wide range of critical, creative and contextual approaches to the novel, including:

  • Activities to prime the reading of the novel and to introduce its literary, cultural and historical context
  • Activities – both creative and critical – to support students' reading of the text, in class and independently
  • Extensive activities on key aspects for after reading, including:
    • Getting the Big Picture 
    • Narrative Voice and Perspective
    • Character and Characterisation
    • Themes (including a focus on childhood)
    • Structure, Plot and the Handling of Time 
    • Genre and Intertextuality
    • Literary Crime and What It Means to Read Atonement in this Context
    • Style – Critical and Creative Explorations
    • Exploring the Novel Through the Lens of the Film Adaptation
    • A Realist Narrative, An Experimental Narrative? Both?
    • Interviewed in Role as Ian McEwan 
  • A wide range of criticism is integrated throughout the material and includes extracts from reviews and academic articles, as well as a selection of articles originally published in emagazine.

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