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00-Free Key Stage 3 Home Learning Pack (Download) (EMC_Free)

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Our resources are all written in a way that addresses students directly. This makes them perfect for young people to use if they have to work at home. We’ve put together a selection of full units from our KS3 Curriculum Plus package, along with activities from two writing workbooks that are designed to be used with minimal teacher input.

We’re making these materials freely available, with permission to share them on school home learning platforms, because we recognise that students are likely to need access to quality texts and resources in the event of schools shutting down for an extended period of time.

Please note: The video clips you need for the activities from KS3 Language Laboratory are freely available on the website here:

Materials in this free download resource come from: 

  • Diverse Shorts, an anthology of stories and extracts from novels, with accompanying activities.
  • Poetry Plus, an eclectic mix of poems designed to intrigue and engage, with work to develop enjoyment and understanding of poetry.
  • Literary Shorts and Literary Shorts Teacher Resource, brilliant short stories to challenge, entertain and inspire, with activities to explore the writer’s craft.
  • Non-fiction Shorts, an anthology with resources for KS3.
  • KS3 Language Laboratory, a book to develop knowledge about language and how it works, through exploration, reflection and experiment.
  • Just Write, a workbook with 44 creative writing activities.
  • Write On, a forthcoming workbook of creative writing activities.

We also have a number of other offers for home learning:

  • Free GCSE revision resources. Search REVISIONOFFER at
Additional material:

Alex Morton, from Grey Coat Hospital School, has put together guidance for pupils about using the resources while at home. They have kindly let us share with you all. The guidance is obviously designed for a particular school context, but give some light touch suggestions that should work for most pupils.

Download here.

Many thanks for this extra help

By Fiona Gold on 17th Mar 2020

Thank you for allowing us to access this free of charge.

By Katherine Ford on 17th Mar 2020

Coombe Girls school - anticipating school closure so would love teaching materials. Also, homeschooling my son, so, again, every little helps.

By Kate Smith on 17th Mar 2020

thank you so much - your support truly appreciated

By helen jackman on 17th Mar 2020

I cannot thank you enough! You would not imagine the burden you have lifted in trying to provide meaningful low-tech work for our most vulnerable students! THANK YOU, I am immensely grateful.

By EVE HURLEY on 17th Mar 2020

this is excellent. very kind

By Alison Sheen on 17th Mar 2020

Excellent and highly beneficial for the students, thank you.

By Wesley James on 17th Mar 2020

Thank you

By Louise Ayre on 18th Mar 2020


By Amy Hodgkinson on 18th Mar 2020

Thank you for the free downloads during this challenging time! What incredible kindness.

By on 18th Mar 2020

Thank you. I’m sure it’s fab.

By Wendy on 19th Mar 2020

Thank you. Great resource and a thoughtful help.

By P Court on 19th Mar 2020

This is a helpful and useful resource which will help those I am tutoring at this time. Thank you.

By Sadie Douse on 20th Mar 2020

Thank you. Great resources

By Claire Mythen on 22nd Mar 2020

Downloading this for our students. We already have several of these publications, hardcopy, but are delighted to be able to download copies too.

Thank you for free access.

By Clare Feeney on 23rd Mar 2020

English teacher downloading them to use for home learning for students

By Lesley Taylor on 23rd Mar 2020

Thank you for this generous sharing of resources - huge help to schools. We are promoting to Hampshire schools via twitter and our home learning links pages.

By Joanna Kenyon on 23rd Mar 2020

Thank you for these resources wink

By Debbie Jory on 24th Mar 2020

Thank you - yet again!

By Gayle Bennett on 31st Mar 2020


By Tolulope Obamakin on 07th Apr 2020

Thank you very much!

By Mvillarica08 on 15th Apr 2020

Great Resources in most of the sections except for lack of access to audio clips for the Laboratory section.

By E Jarvis on 15th Apr 2020


All the Language Lab clips are available free of charge on our website (under video clips).

Those you need for the extract included in the free KS3 Home Learning pack are here:

best wishes


By Lucy Webster on 15th Apr 2020

Love to support my daughter

By Mavis Eduful on 24th Apr 2020

Thank you very much!

By Shona Clapson on 01st Jun 2020

Thank you for this!

By Lisa Parsons on 03rd Jun 2020

Really useful extracts especially. Very generous!

By Eileen on 17th Jun 2020

Looks great thanks

By Bernadette Brooks on 18th Jan 2021

thank you for the free great books!!

By ricky moon on 15th Jul 2021

Excellent for the material

By Lakshmi on 11th Aug 2021

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