Grammaticus Card Game (Print)


ISBN: 9781906101121

A versatile card game, developed and produced by David Kinder, for any group of students needing to know about grammar, with the potential to bring surprise and fun – as well as painless learning – to your classroom.

Grammaticus is many games in one. It looks and feels like a double pack of cards, with the crucial difference being that it’s words and word classes rather than numbers and suits on the cards. Fan the white faces out and you have what feels like a hand of cards, with the words in miniature in the top left hand corner. Use them to play games like Rummy, collecting words of particular word classes and building sentences in your hand, before laying them down on the table.


‘Fun and easy to use...adds great variety to the students’ experience of acquiring expertise in language usage. We thoroughly recommend it!’

Charles Fordham, Long Road 6th Form College

‘Having trialled them with this year’s AS students, they are now firmly embedded in my Scheme of Work for next year.’

Phil Parker, Thomas Aquinas College

‘I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ‘Grammaticus’ ... I’ve also had great fun with them with a Year 10 Study Plus group. Couldn’t recommend them more!’

Stewart, secondary school teacher

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