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Great Expectations: EMC Full Text Study Edition (Print)

400 pages


1-9 copies: £20 each; 10-99 copies: £10 each; 100-199 copies: £7.50 each; 200+ copies: £6.90
ISBN: 978-1906101480 Download sample PDF

Winner ERA Secondary Resource or Equipment Non-ICT 2017

Suitable for all specifications, includes the full text of Dickens' novel, lightly glossed to support independent reading.

Key aspects

  • Activities to prime a first reading.
  • Activities to support pupils during reading.
  • More extensive after reading activities on key aspects such as language, style and genre, as well as theme, character and plot. 
  • Contextual information to support students’ understanding and analysis of the novel.
  • An introduction to criticism.
  • Exam preparation and revision.
Additional material:

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Download pages 383 (Character in Great Expectations) and 386-387 (Setting in Great Expectations – Maps) for photocopying.

Resource type: Paperback pupil book

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