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Introducing the Gothic (DVD including PDF study guide)

128 pages


ISBN: 978 1 906101 10 7 Download sample PDF

Lively activities introducing aspects of the Gothic.

  • Strategies for close focus and comparative work.
  • Critical and contextual material.
  • On DVD Professor David Punter talking about key aspects of the Gothic such as: 
    • origins
    • key Gothic texts
    • 19th and 20th century Gothic
    • the sublime
    • horror and terror
    • the vampire
    • women
    • as well as critical interpretations.


This publication includes resources on DVD. As more and more computers no longer have a disk drive, these resources are now also supplied in downloadable form. Buy the publication online and the resources included on the DVD will be added to your account. Sign in to the account used to buy the publication, click My Account (top right), then navigate to 'View or download previously purchased downloads'. You will also receive the print pack with DVD.

Resource type: DVD including 128-page PDF study guide with colour images and 30min. interview (NB: There is no physical book.)

Sample Video


'Lots of creative ideas inspired my teaching again.' 

Kathryn Parsons, EMC Studying the Gothic course


By Thomas Leahy on 26th Jan 2017

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