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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: EMC Full Text Study Edition (Print)

176 pages


1-9 copies: £20 each; 10-99 copies: £10 each; 100-199 copies: £7.50 each; 200+ copies: £6.90
ISBN: 978 1 906101 37 4 Download sample PDF

Winner ERA Secondary Resource or Equipment Non-ICT 2017

Suitable for use across all specifications, this study edition includes the full text, divided into manageable sections with short ‘getting the reading done’ activities suitable for class work, or to support students reading the text individually.

More extensive before and after reading resources provide material for studying the text in class. These cover key ideas in the text, make connections between the text and its context and include a helpful section on exam preparation and revision.

Also available on Kindle via Amazon (see left).

Resource type: Paperback pupil book


YES to these. I’ve yet to come across any EMC resource I don’t think is amazing.

Lauren Maguire on Facebook

This version of The Strange Case... has made all the difference to the teaching and learning of my two Y10 groups. The text is presented very attractively and we particularly appreciated the way the longer chapters have been split up and 'put on pause', so to speak. This was helpful and the activities provided at these points helped the girls to consolidate their understanding. We also enjoyed keeping the case file, as it added to the step by step unfolding of the mystery. The contextual information on the Victorian gentleman and the Gothic genre was very useful, well explained and easily accessible. The glossary throughout, as well as the glossing of the quite challenging beginning of Dr Jekyll's confession really helped to keep the students engaged.

Kim James, High School for Girls, Gloucester

Excellent edition -really clear and easy to follow text and very useful notes. Would highly recommend.

By LIZ Hague on 26th May 2020

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