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Just Write – Remote Learning Package [EMC_Free]



Bring the joy of just writing to online classrooms!

The PowerPoints included in the Just Write Remote Learning Package provide ten ready-made lessons for online contexts (and are easily adaptable for the classroom).

Each PowerPoint includes the Just Write activity (with illustration) and light-touch supportive activities to help students explore the topic, gain confidence, warm-up their creative writing muscles, before being let loose to ‘just write’.

Just Write Activities

  • If I Were Prime Minister
  • Picture This
  • Look out! Aliens Have Arrived
  • My Life as an Animal
  • A Dramatic Event
  • All in a Good Cause
  • The Survivor’s Handbook
  • I’d like to thank
  • It Makes Me So Angry!
  • Future You: the Legend

How to download Just Write Remote Learning Package

  1. Sign in to your account on (or register an account if you need to)
  2. Add Just Write Remote Learning Package to your basket
  3. Go right the way through the checkout process (the publication is free but you need to check out)
  4. Once you see the successful order screen, go to My Account (top right)
  5. Click ‘View or download my previously purchased downloads'
  6. Click on the ‘zip’ icon. 
  7. The zipped folder will go wherever your downloads usually go (often your desktop or downloads folder). If you’re struggling to find it, search 'EMC Just Write Remote Learning Package’
  8. Double click the zip file. A folder with your 10 PowerPoints in it will appear.



We have been using the ‘Just Write’ books with our Year 7 and Year 8 students in our library lessons and they have been brilliant. We sometimes find it quite a challenge to get students to just get writing, and mainly because they find it difficult to think of something that they are excited about, or have a passion for. The topic suggestions in ‘Just Write’ are fun and interesting and have really resonated with our students. As well as this, they have allowed for some really thought-provoking discussions after the writing process. The incredible variety of tasks has meant that all our students have been able to find something which they are eager to write about, as well as giving them the independence to choose which direction they want to take their writing. The bright, colourful and engaging layout is also such a treat for them! They have taken such pride in their work and they really look forward to adding to their own special book. Here are some of what our Year 8s had to say about the ‘Just Write’ books – our harshest critics!

'I often fell reluctant to pick up my pen and start writing, but once I start one of the tasks I feel engrossed. I think the tasks are thought provoking and enjoyable.' Year 8 student. 

'The ‘Just Write’ books that we have been using in the library are great! They are really fun to use and there always seems to be something in there that would be fun to do. I am looking forward to doing more. Also the page designs are very cool and give you ideas on what to write if you are stuck.' Year 8 student. 

Acland Burghley School, London

A wonderful book full of colourful illustrations and colourful ideas to encourage students to…just write.

By Sarah Hehir on 09th Feb 2021

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