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Language Frameworks (Print)

128 pages


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This pack, designed to support students taking A Levels in English Language, was written for the 2008 English Language specifications for AQA A and AQA B. While it continues to offer a wealth of approaches which remain useful for the 2015 specifications, we are in the process of writing a new downloadable publication for A Level English language. This will be available in the second half of the autumn term 2017.

The pack includes:

  • Explanations of key frameworks needed to analyse texts.
  • Short texts in a range of genres.
  • Detailed questions on longer texts.
  • Guidance on exploring mode for AQA A and grouping texts for AQA B.
  • Extensive commentaries on activities.

DVD includes:

  • three video clips used throughout this publication
  • a printable PDF of Language Frameworks with texts in colour, for printing
  • a video PDF with video clips, texts and interactive versions of the texts.
Resource type: A4, photocopiable publication with DVD

Sample Video


'The content of the pack, as we might expect from these authors, is comprehensive and appealing. There is a good range of texts for analysis and purposeful supporting video clips. The approach taken is to methodically work through aspects of the Language Framework, allowing students to explore both conceptual and illustrative detail as they go. There is a very useful glossary that will be a boon to A Level teachers and students alike. Transcripts and original texts abound and contextualising information is given in clear, student friendly language.

Teachers I have spoken to who have used this resource praise its methodical approach and inspiring choice of texts. Our centre has found it particularly useful for supporting individual students outside of class. Once it is set up on the intranet it proves to be a very effective means of supporting independent learning.'

Jane Bluett: Teaching English Autumn 2013

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