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Language Handbook (2nd edition) – Key Thinkers on Key Topics (Print)

224 pages


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An accessible overview of research written by linguists who are experts in their fields. Available now

A new edition of EMC’s Language Handbook, with new chapters on forensic linguistics, critical discourse, American English and urban youth language and an updated chapter on language and technology. 

‘The English and Media Centre, the editor Dan Clayton, and the distinguished cast list of contributors are to be congratulated on having produced a richly nuanced and wonderfully accessible volume, a volume, in fact, that is very much for our time.’ 

Professor Ronald Carter

  • Foreword by Ron Carter
  • Introduction to the 2nd edition by Dan Clayton
  • Professor Deborah Cameron: Gender and Communication
  • Professor Paul Kerswill: Language Variation 1 – Class and Ethnicity
  • Dr Kevin Watson: Language Variation 2 – Accent Variation in British English
  • Professor Jane Setter: English Around the World
  • Professor Lynne Murphy: American English NEW 2018
  • Dr Rob Drummond: Urban Youth Language NEW 2018
  • Dr Sue Fox: Spoken Language
  • Dr Graeme Trousdale: Language Change
  • Dan Clayton: Attitudes to Language Change
  • Professor Angela Goddard: Language and Technology UPDATED 2018
  • Dr Paul Ibbotson: Child Language Acquisition
  • Professor Christopher Hart Critical Discourse NEW 2018
  • Professor Peter Stockwell: Textual Analysis and Stylistics
  • Dr Nicci MacLeod: Forensic Linguistics NEW 2018
  • Glossary​
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'a must read for those interested in studying English Language at A Level. It will, without a doubt, leave students inspired.'

 This review originally appeared in The Use of English 72.1 (2020), pp. 96 – 98. The Use of English is a publication of the English Association (


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