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Language Handbook: Key Topics & Theories (Print)

192 pages


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Eleven leading linguists have contributed to our new language handbook for advanced level students. Writing on their particular area of expertise, specifically for the student reader, the linguists provide readable and comprehensive explorations of the topic, including an introduction to its scope; central concepts and debates; a brief historical overview of key ideas and developments in the field; more recent thinking and research, and key ideas to consider. 

  • Deborah Cameron on Gender and communication
  • Dan Clayton on Attitudes to language change
  • Sue Fox on Spoken language
  • Angela Goddard on Language and technology
  • Paul Ibbotson on Child language acquisition
  • Paul Kerswill on Social variation
  • Alison Ross on Language and representation
  • Jane Setter on English around the world
  • Peter Stockwell on Textual analysis and stylistics
  • Graeme Trousdale on Language change
  • Kevin Watson on Accent and dialect
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‘a richly nuanced and wonderfully accessible volume, a volume, in fact, that is very much for our time.’

Professor Ronald Carter

‘A welcome publication. It fills a gap between course-specific text books and more academic works. The contributors are experts in language study, many of whom will be reassuringly familiar to teachers of English Language. Most importantly, each chapter is written with students in mind and the language used is accessible and refreshingly clear. The strength of the approach is its vibrancy. For students commencing their undergraduate studies, this handbook should be recommended reading.

This is (…) a gateway to further research and wider reading. Students are encouraged to see language study as something that is very much current and constantly developing, and that theory is in no way fixed.’

NATE magazine, Spring 2013

‘5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read for A-level English Language students and teachers. This is an antidote to the 'teach to the test' over-simplicity (and sometimes plain inaccuracy) of many of the course text-books and revision guides.

A series of scholarly experts have distilled current understanding of their particular field of study on a range of topics of direct relevance to A-level courses (eg. Language change, language variation and child language acquisition), in language that is accessible, though stretching, for A-level students.

Editor, Dan Clayton has assembled an impressive collection of material (contributing a fine essay on attitudes to language change himself) that provides a much needed 'bridge' towards more expensive and specialised university level texts.’

A. Heald, 2 Jan 2013

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