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Language & Literature: An EMC Coursebook (OCR Language & Literature AS/AL EMC) (Print)

256 pages


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This EMC coursebook is an essential classroom resource for the OCR AS and A Level English Language and Literature (EMC). It provides sequences of classroom activities to teach all of the components of the AS and A Level. 

The 256-page publication includes:

  • Introductions to key aspects of linguistic and literary study for the AS and A Level exams
  • Classroom activities to teach key skills and concepts
  • Activities based on extracts from all the set texts 
  • Material to fuel teaching of the unseen elements in the exams
  • Commentaries embedded in activities to support both students and teachers in understanding what’s important and interesting to observe and analyse
  • Creative approaches to support the idea of reading as a writer and writing as a reader, a central feature of this specification
  • Short modelled examples of writing
  • Material to prepare students for the demands of the examinations
  • An index of key terms.

OCR AS/A Level English Language & Literature (EMC) Paper 1 Anthology of Texts – REVISED FOR 2018

The Paper 1 anthology has been refreshed for students starting their English Language and Literature (EMC) qualifications in September 2018. The new anthology (Version 2) will be assessed for the first time in summer 2019 (AS Level) and summer 2020 (A Level). 

Please note that candidates entered for A Level English Language and Literature (EMC) assessment in summer 2019 will use the original version of the anthology.

Chapter 2 of Language & Literature: An EMC Coursebook provides guidance and activities on The OCR (EMC) Anthology (Component 1 AS and A Level) and was written for the original 2015 anthology of texts.

An updated version of this chapter, covering the new anthology texts, and the introductory chapter (with example extracts from the new texts), is available to download here

Please note the following corrections

Introduction and Teachers' Notes (page 7)

  • Extract 2 is from Samuel Pepys’ diary. This has been corrected in the updated PDF (see above).

Chapter 6 – The Non-Examined Component 

The suggested combination of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood with either Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer or A Crime in the Neighbourhood by Suzanne Berne does not meet the requirement to study at least one post-2000 text for the NEA. The original publication date of Into the Wild was 1996; the original publication date for A Crime in the Neighbourhood was 1997. You can download a corrected version of the suggested combinations (pages 242-249) hereIf you are in any doubt about the combination of texts you have chosen for the NEA, please contact OCR – / 01223 553998

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