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Language & Literature: An EMC Coursebook (OCR Language & Literature AS/AL EMC) (Print)

256 pages


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This EMC coursebook is an essential classroom resource for the OCR AS and A Level English Language and Literature (EMC). It provides sequences of classroom activities to teach all of the components of the AS and A Level. 

The 256-page publication includes:

  • Introductions to key aspects of linguistic and literary study for the AS and A Level exams
  • Classroom activities to teach key skills and concepts
  • Activities based on extracts from all the set texts 
  • Material to fuel teaching of the unseen elements in the exams
  • Commentaries embedded in activities to support both students and teachers in understanding what’s important and interesting to observe and analyse
  • Creative approaches to support the idea of reading as a writer and writing as a reader, a central feature of this specification
  • Short modelled examples of writing
  • Material to prepare students for the demands of the examinations
  • An index of key terms.

Please note the following corrections

Introduction and Teachers' Notes (page 7)

  • Extract 2 is from Samuel Pepys' diary.

Chapter 6 – The Non-Examined Component 

The following suggested combinations do not meet the requirement to study at least one post-2000 text for the NEA.

Truman Capote: In Cold Blood (page 244)

  • Suzanne Berne: A Crime in the Neighbourhood (1997)
  • Jon Krakauer: Into the Wild (1996)
  • Val McDermid: A Place of Execution (1999)
  • W.G Sebald: The Emigrants (1992)

Bill Bryson: The Lost Continent (page 245)

  • Michael Palin: Pole to Pole (1992)

You can download a corrected version of the suggested combinations (pages 242-249) here.

If you are in any doubt about the combination of texts you have chosen for the NEA, please contact OCR – / 01223 553998

Resource type: Student coursebook

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