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Levi’s – Doing Ads (Download single unit)

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ERA Winner 2009

This 20-page photocopiable download unit analyses Levi’s mythology through 21 ads, from the much-loved 80s 501 campaign, through the lean years of the 1990s to its ‘Engineered’ 21st-century repositioning. 

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'This is a fantastically welcome addition to my bookshelf in school. To begin with, the book is in full colour and has been designed in a friendly and clear way which is very appealing...

The video material is highly stimulating and will be guaranteed to provoke laughter, anger, disbelief and debate among the class. Taken as a whole, this is a really excellent classroom resource. it is well paced and contains masses of practical hands-on classroom activities, ranging from a kind of snakes-and-ladders game based in the world of advertising, through word or image association, to well evidenced and detailed case studies on internationally recognisable brands such as Coke and Levi's.

This is an invaluable resource.'

Martin Cairns, Broughton High School, Edinburgh, Media Education Journal

'This superlative updated version of the EMC’s classic Advertising Pack (which unbelievably first appeared fifteen years ago) is undoubtedly the Perrier of teaching advertising resources! There is material here suitable for all secondary ages, abilities and interests; be they the most able A Level students of Media, English Language, Sociology or Business, or the most hard-to-please Year 7 group who need something stimulating and active to develop their literacy skills.'

Paul Clayton, NATE Classroom, 2009

'The most thorough, detailed and best researched resource about advertising I've seen. A huge range of tasks for all levels of ability. Enough material to last a teaching career. The detailed breakdown of the advertising process is second to none - no 'making of' documentary comes close. This resource will extend all Media Studies teachers - from the NQT to the gnarled veteran 20 years in the job. Well-structured, clearly organised and totally accessible. A worthy successor to The Ad Pack.'

St John Starkie, Alexandra Park School

'The pack seamlessly integrates analysis with practical tasks reflecting the very best ways to engage students and enabling them to understand the processes of and constraints on media production – from print to audio-visual. The production tasks are adaptable and can be undertaken with a wide range of equipment, depending on the resources and time available.

….the pack is a really good read for anyone interested in advertising and the industry that creates it. Its coverage of developments in the medium over the last decade or more is excellent, with investigations into online advertising aided by well-chosen examples of video click-throughs and viral ads, etc. …Like its predecessor, Doing Ads is a magnificent achievement in that it properly affords the medium a detailed historical context and encourages exploration of every key aspect of the industry with impressive scope and flexibility. It is without doubt a resource that no English and Media department can afford to do without.'

Rob McInnes, Head of Media, Forest Hill School

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