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Lord of the Flies: EMC Resource Pack (Print)

80 pages (print) 80 pages (pdf)


1 copy: £60 each; 2+ copies: £45 each
ISBN: 978 1 906101 43 5 Download sample PDF

Resources to use when teaching Lord of the Flies to Key Stage 4 classes, or equivalent (though many of the activities are adaptable for anyone teaching the book to younger students). They are not specific to any particular examination specification and, while their rigorous approach will be invaluable in helping your students to prepare for any final exams, they also aim to provide a rich and broad approach to literary study as a whole.

Each section comes with detailed notes for teachers, followed by worksheets, often containing additional instructions, for students. 

Key Features

  • Imaginative strategies to guide students through reading the novel, chapter by chapter.
  • Active approaches that encourage critical analysis.
  • A wide and diverse range of activities about key content and themes.
  • A strong emphasis on close linguistic and literary study, including a focus on evaluative skills and using terminology effectively.
  • Useful revision materials, including practice questions and passages for close analysis.


This publication includes resources on CD. As more and more computers no longer have a disk drive, these resources are now also supplied in downloadable form. Buy the publication online and the resources included on the CD will be added to your account. Sign in to the account used to buy the publication, click My Account (top right), then navigate to 'View or download previously purchased downloads'. You will also receive the print pack with CD.

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