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Never Let Me Go – 15 EMC Approaches (Download)

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Written by Head of English, Richard Vardy and edited by EMC, Never Let Me Go – 15 EMC Approaches provides 15 activities to support students in getting to know, exploring, and critically analysing this novel.

The material is both lively and rigorous. While there are plenty of opportunities for discussion, debate and creative responses to the text, there is also a clear focus on the requirements of the exam, including ways of exploring key passages. 

Activities develop students’ independence and confidence in discussing, reflecting and writing about:

  • language and style
  • structure
  • form 
  • narrative voice
  • character
  • themes
  • setting
  • contexts, with a particular focus on ideas about dystopia and science and society. 

Written with GCSE students in mind, the activities would also be helpful for A Level students, particularly those reading it in the context of science and society.

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