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Sight/Unseen Poetry (Print)

112 pages


ISBN: 978 1 906101 39 8 Download sample PDF

A photocopiable publication specifically designed to prepare students for dealing with unseen poetry, including comparison, across all specifications.

Activities build pupils’ confidence and skills as critical readers of poetry, so that they are able to tackle unseen poems independently. 

There is a joined up approach – strategies will also  support students in their work on anthology poems and questions on poetry in other sections of the GCSE exam.

Includes an anthology of 30 poems.

Resource type: Photocopiable pack


'... full of ideas and approaches to develop the requisite skills and strengthen the confidence of students facing the challenges of writing about unseen poetry ... provides enough material to create a coherent and imaginative scheme of work to prepare students for this challenging area.'

Paul Clayton, Director NATE in 'Teaching English', Autumn 2015

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