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Blake’s Songs: an EMC Study Guide (Print)

128 pages


ISBN: 0 907016 87 1 Download sample PDF

A route through the Songs, focusing on key poems and drawing connections across the collection.collection. Balances close study of individual poems with activities encouraging students to read the poems comparatively.


  • contextual material closely connected to textual study
  • a range of critical responses
  • approaches to develop responses to language, structure and form
  • Downloadable folder of additional assets includes:
    • 35-minute interview divided into 10 sections with Blake specialist Professor David Punter, Bristol University.
    • Extracts from The South Bank Show: Peter Ackroyd, Alan Ginsberg and enacted readings.
    • Images and Picture Power program for work on 'London'.
    • All the poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience (illuminated poems and Word files).
    • A PDF of the full publication.
Resource type: A4, photocopiable wirobound book with downloadable resources


'It is foolproof and has saved me!... I feel like I have a teacher in my lesson supporting me through the teaching of Blake.'

Zoe Cunningham, Ardingly College, Sussex

'What a rich resource Blake's Songs is - rigourous, scholarly and accessible - my students have been visibly value added through it!'

English teacher, Hornsey School for Girls 

'The English and Media Centre (London) sell an AMAZING pack for A level Blake. Well worth the money.'

Posted on the TES message board

'Provides teachers with a wealth of practical activities that will enable their students to engage with Songs of Innocence and Experience with increasing confidence…. an extensive and very well-researched resource.'

Sue Dymoke, University of Leicester in English Drama Media, 2005

'Your Blake materials were superb. It's a fantastic resource and has been particularly useful for helping our students get to grips with the historical context.'

Paul Lindsay Addy

'I always get excited when I see a new release from the EMC  but the latest release Studying Blake's Songs is breathtaking...From an academic point of view this resource is both erudite and authoritative – and good fun! The interactive elements are superb...EMC have cracked the intellectually interactive – we've waited a while Mr Caxton, but this is your true heir.'

David Foley Asst Head (and English teacher) William Howard School, Cumbria



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