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Studying Hamlet – EMC Advanced Literature Series Shakespeare (Print)

176 pages


1-4 copies; 1-4 copies: £80 each; 5-9 copies: £20 each; 10+ copies: £15 each (1 DVD per order)
ISBN: 978-1906101503 Download sample PDF

ERA Finalist 2018

Resources and activities to support students in exploring and analysing Hamlet as a literary text and as a drama script in production. 

Includes substantial critical extracts and eight articles orginally published in emagazine, as well as two video lectures on DVD.

This all-in-one student book and teacher resource in the EMC Advanced Literature Series, includes a PDF of the full publication, as well as two video lectures on DVD.

A copy of the DVD is included with every order, so that you can photocopy sections of the PDF publication or use it on your whiteboard. The prices drop dramatically when you buy five or more copies, allowing you to invest in the book for your students.

Key Aspects 

  • Activities for before reading.
  • Key activities on each act.
  • Substantial after reading activities to allow students to explore key ideas in greater depth:
    • genre (tragedy and revenge tragedy)
    • language
    • character and characterisation
    • themes
    • structure
    • stagecraft
  • Critical and contextual material (including on a range of productions) is integrated throughout the publication, with activities focused on using it to illuminate the play.
  • Production stills and case study of a production, including an interview with director Robert Icke.
  • Four articles from emagazine on tragedy, revenge tragedy and early modern drama.
  • Four articles from emagazine on Hamlet.

On DVD (included with each order)

  • Full PDF publication
  • Production stills in colour
  • Two video lectures by Dr Eric Langley (university College London), given at the English and Media Centre.

EMC Advanced Literature – Shakespeare

Resource type: Book in the style of EMC Advanced Literature Series, with photocopiable PDF & video lectures on DVD


'I think this is the best EMC A Level resource yet!’ 

Guyan Mitra, School 21

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