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Studying Othello with DVD – EMC Advanced Literature Series Shakespeare (Print)

128 pages


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Balanced scene-by-scene activities with work encouraging an overview of the play as a whole. The flavour of the material is lively, challenging and innovative, with sparky ideas for getting through the text. 

  • Contextual material on Venice and Cyprus, women, magic, race, stage and film productions, all embedded in activities on the play itself. 
  • Short ‘sound bites’ by a diverse range of critics in during reading activities and a more sustained focus after reading. 
  • A strong focus on language, incorporating new ideas in accessible ways. 
  • Strategies for reflecting on and recording important issues, themes, images and angles on character.

90-minute DVD includes:

  • 3 clips from stage and film versions of Othello.
  • Critics talking about the play.
  • Actors' workshop on a few key moments.

Ideal for Literature A Level with plenty of useful material for Lang/Lit. students too and activities and materials suitable for GCSE courses.

Resource type: A4, wirobound photocopiable book with 90-minute DVD


'Its activities generate a sense not only of the richness and diversity of the play as a socio-historical text but also of it as a cultural and contemporary phenomenon. At the same time, the approach seems to highlight a collaborative teaching and learning discourse...A resource you will be more than happy to have on your departmental shelves.'

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'Buy the English and Media Centre's book and cd on Othello. It can't be bettered!'

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