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Text Reader Critic (Print)


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Limited reprint of the original text available now

Helps students to develop and reflect on their own readings and introduces them to interpretations by other readers, building their confidence and understanding of the contexts which shape different readings.

Short accessible activities introduce key ideas about readers, texts and contexts. Critical position cards summarise major theoretical approaches and are ideal for the AQA B Critical Approaches unit.

Carefully sequenced activities encourage students to use theory imaginatively. Critical extracts include writing by: Terry Eagleton; Angela Carter; David Lodge; Alice Walker; 19th-century critics on Jane Eyre; Edward Said; Jacqueline Rose. Teachers’ notes provide practical guidance, background and key ideas to raise in classroom discussion.

Please note: Text Reader Critic was written and published in 2000. Please ignore references in the introduction and teachers' notes to specific Assessment Objectives. 


'Has all the hallmarks of placing the student at the centre of the study of literature, and a determination to challenge the assumptions inherent in the phrase ‘English Literary Heritage’.'


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