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The Great Gatsby Study Guide (Print)

96 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906101-11-4 Download sample PDF

Imaginative strategies for reading and working on the text, ideas for relating the text to its contexts and approaches to critical material.

  • Strategies for getting the reading done.
  • Themes; characterisation; voice; structure.
  • Nick as character and storyteller.
  • Close linguistic analysis: symbolism, lexical clusters.
  • Contexts – historical, social and cultural, literary, including images.
  • Creative writing and media approaches.
  • Active approaches to criticism.

The DVD includes an interview with Nicolas Tredell, as well as colour images and a printable PDF of the study guide.


Resource type: A4, photocopiable wirobound book with 45 min. DVD

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'It is proving a really first-class resource in class. My students have been unusually vocal and enthusiastic about it for slick, cynical 17 year olds. A genuine ‘satisfied customer’ here.'

Stephen Gordon, Birkdale Senior School

'All superb! Great ideas and extremely valuable resources.'

K. Robinson

'I came away inspired, resourced & excited about trying out materials.'

D. Murray

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