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The Hunger Games Study Guide (Download)

64 pages (pdf) 100 pages (screen pdf)


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This photocopiable download publication provides a range of activities to support pupils in exploring the novel as both both literature and as a global media phenomenon. Includes:

  • simulations
  • role-plays and debates
  • comparisons with classical myth and quest narratives
  • fresh approaches to character and many activities that prepare students for KS4 textual study.

It also provides a manageable route through the text using the film in constructive and imaginative ways.

This download version of The Hunger Games – an EMC Study Guide includes the following:

  1. A print-friendly PDF of the full publication, including colour screenshots from the opening scene of the film adaptation.
  2. A screen-friendly PDF, with all the student activities, in a form suitable for showing to a whole-class via data projector. This PDF also includes A4 versions of the screenshots from the film adaptation.
  3. A zipped folder of additional assets:
  • PowerPoint – ‘More Than Just a Book ...?
  • Folder of screengrabs from the film adaptation (jpegs) for use in programs such as Picture Power 3, PowerPoint, iMovie and so on.


Important information about using PDFs

PDFs with interactivity require Reader 7 or above. Download the latest version here.

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