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The Modern Novel: Enduring Love & Regeneration (Print)

128 pages


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  • A substantial introductory section, with practical approaches and activities for use with any modern novel, including: narrative voice; characters and characterisation; the structure of novels; the differences between story and plot; the history of the modern novel; what makes a novel ‘modern’; its wider literary and cultural context.
  • Study material on Enduring Love by Ian McEwan and Regeneration by Pat Barker, with contextual material and critical interpretations.
  • A DVD, including interviews with Pat Barker and Ian McEwan, in which they explore key aspects of the texts. Short extracts from the film of Regeneration support the study of the book and there is comparative work on the book and the film.
Resource type: A4, photocopiable wirobound book with 75-min. DVD

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