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The Revised CLPE Reading and Writing Scales (Download) [EMC-Free]

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The Reading and Writing Scales describe the journeys that children or age 3 to 16 make in order to become literate. CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) has distilled the complex and individual patterns of progress into accessible and informative scales.

The purpose of the scales is to help teachers to understand what progression looks like in reading and writing. This publication is designed to illustrate how schools can provide an environment that supports children’s development as readers and writers and to suggest some next steps that teachers can plan in order to take children into the next phase of their development. The pedagogy underpinning the Scales and the Next Steps is grounded in a coherent theory of children’s language and literacy development, exemplified by the research element of this document, a review of current relevant research.

Originally developed over 30 years ago, the Scales were first published as part of the CLPE Primary Language Record (PLR). The PLR was widely used in primary schools in the late 80s and 90s; influencing language and literacy records in all parts of the UK. CLPE has now joined forces with English and Media Centre (EMC), United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA), National Association for Advisors in English (NAAE) and the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) to create progression scales which will support and develop teacher subject knowledge in literacy development. 

How to access the Scales

The PDF version (free)

  • The PDF version of the Scales is free – just add them to your basket and check out. (You will need to sign in to your individual or school user account and go through the check out process, but you will not be charged.)
  • You will be able to download the PDF from the Order History section of 'My Account'.
  • Once downloaded, you can view them onscreen or print them out. (The scales are designed to be printed in A3 colour.)

The Scales are also available as an App for iOS and Android (£1.49).

Clicking on the icons will take you directly to the CLPE Reading and Writing Scales App on the App Store and Google Play.


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