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The Road Study Guide (Print)

48 pages


ISBN: 978 1 906101 1 9 Download sample PDF
  • Strategies to support students in reading the text independently.
  • Creative approaches for teaching about language, structure and form.
  • Ways of putting the text in its wider generic and literary context, as an example of post-apocalyptic fiction.
  • Critical material, including print extracts from interviews with McCarthy.
  • A video interview on DVD, with Adam Roberts, lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London.


Please note: this publication includes a DVD.

If you have bought this publication and no longer have access to a DVD player/DVD drive, please email, with evidence of your purchase. We will email you with a link to download a digital version of the video interview with Adam Roberts.

Resource type: A4, wirobound photocopiable resource with 30-min. DVD including printable PDF of the text.

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'I thought the entire thing very impressive and that Adam Roberts seems to know his stuff alright. ... Anyway, the short version is I loved it and wished I’d had a copy this year.' 

Ray Cluley, South Downs College

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