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Literary Shorts Teacher Resource (Print) + ‘EMC-FREE’ Unit of Learning cover image

Literary Shorts Teacher Resource (Print) + ‘EMC-FREE’ Unit of Learning Format: Print

End of print run special offer! £35 Offering critical, creative and comparative routes into the texts in Literary Shorts Pupil Anthology, the activities in this photocopiable resource are not only perfect for KS3 teaching, but also an ideal bridge to the demands of KS4. Free downloadable EMC CurriculumPlus'Unit of Learning' for Literary Shorts at the bottom of this page. [EMC-Free]

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Literary Shorts Anthology (Print) cover image

Literary Shorts Anthology (Print) Format: Print

Finalist ERA 2015 Literary Shorts: Pupil Anthology is a 160-page paperback, with 21 stories covering English literary heritage, seminal world literature and contemporary writers. Accompanies Literary Shorts: Creative, Critical and Comparative Approaches Teachers' Resource.

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Language Posters (Print) cover image

Language Posters (Print) Format: Print

Eight 50x70 cm posters on key areas of language study are illlustrated with cartoons by Linda Combi. Most suitable for A Level and GCSE.

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Language Study14-1616-19Print