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Video Clips

Professor Nicolas Tredell explores American Literature

Dr David Dwan on George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

Leonie Speaking with Baby Sister Corinne (Child Language Acquisition CLA)

Leonie Speaking – Child Language Acquisition (CLA)

Leonie Speaking – One Year On (Child Language Acquisition CLA)

Professor Elena Semino on Stylistics

Nicolas Tredell on the 19th Century Novel

Professor David Punter on William Blake

Jonathan Edwards on Poetry

Professor Terry Gifford on the Pastoral

Professor of John Mullan discusses narrative time.

Introduction to the Contemporary Novel.

Professor Lisa Hopkins on Elizabethan and Jacobean drama

Margaret Reynolds discusses narrative poetry

Tim Winton discusses magical realism

Professor David Crystal on 'What are the most exciting developments in English Language today?'

Michael Frayn discusses his novel Spies.

Critics talking about women

Professor David Punter discusses the Sublime.

Dr Priya Gopal discusses Things Fall Apart

Professor Emma Smith discusses Women in Shakespeare

The many uses of like

Professor Tim Grant on Forensic Linguistics

Dr Graeme Trousdale discusses Key Aspects of Language

Reading Shakespeare Critically – the Different Editions

Professor Deborah Cameron on Language and Gender

Professor Nicolas Tredell on The Great Gatsby

Dr Kevin Watson on Language – Sociophonetics