MediaMagazine Production Competition 2021: Making Lockdown Creative!

This year, as an antidote to the horribly difficult year many of you will have had, our legendary video Production Competition is all about unlocking your creativity!

Competition 2021

  • The theme is Lockdown – however you choose to interpret it. The door is wide open – it’s your chance to be as creative, original, personal, critical or entertaining as you like.
  • Entries must be no longer than 4 minutes.
  • Your entry could be any of the following:
    • A video diary
    • Digital essay
    • Reportage
    • A documentary
    • A narrative short film
    • A music video; animation
    • A spoken word poem or audio-visual montage with sound and still or video images – in fact any format or genre which allows you to express the experience of lockdown in a creative way.
  • There are no rules! You can use anything and everything to tell your story – animation, live action, Lego, Barbies, other toys, household objects, people, photographs, animals – any resources you can find which will help you explore the Lockdown theme. Make the most of the chance to produce without restrictions - nothing is out of bounds!
  • As always, a celebrity judge will select the most inspirational videos, and record full comments on the individual winners, with certificates for all entrants, and the winning entries announced online on the MediaMag website.

Key dates

  • Deadline for your entries: Friday 16th April
  • Announcements of shortlist online: Friday 21st May
  • Judges’ verdict and publication of winners online: Monday 12th July.

How to enter

  • Enter online by completing the online form:
  • Or by scanning with the QR code.

Make the most out of lockdown – we can’t wait to see the amazingly creative ways you respond to this challenge!